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Monday, September 15, 2014

Flight of F-15s

One Friday morning a couple of weeks ago, two of us were walking around the campus at work, and I saw a single F-15 flying overhead.  I thought it was strange, and I mentioned it to my colleague.  I think he was more fascinated by the fact that I knew the air frame type than by the fact that we had a USAF fighter flying over the Potomac.

Then Monday morning shortly after 9:00, I happened to look up from the parking lot at the Starbucks and saw this Missing Man formation flying over, along the same route that the earlier one had followed.

Wikipedia describes the formation as an aerial salute, often performed as part of a funeral or memorial.  Given our proximity to Arlington Cemetery, it's not unusual to see them - although I'd expect them in Arlington, not Bethesda.

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