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Monday, September 8, 2014

Final From Van Damme

Those last two posts were about the day hike Mary and I took during our vacation to Mendocino last May.  I had realized I still had from 8 to 10 photos on my iPhone from the trip, all taken in Van Damme State Park, and I wanted to be sure to save them off.  Turns out they made a good topic for a post or two as well.

So here's the last of those photos - all the previous posts in the forest were focused on looking down at the understory, so at last here is one that gives a long view down the path with a view that shows the height of these coastal redwoods.

This is in a second growth area, and at a higher elevation in the forest than what I'd put up before as well.  I'll close a short post for today with a link to the California State Parks web page for Van Damme:


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