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Thursday, September 11, 2014

My 9-11 Story


On that bright Tuesday morning, I was a project manager working on a project for tenants in the building – I was based in the home office of the large A/E firm I worked for, but I went down there for meetings from time to time, and we could see the building across the Cemetery from the office.   

My consulting team had been doing customer service interviews in the newly completed offices, talking to all those people just the Thursday and Friday before. They had all just moved in and were just getting their family photos and mementos set up in their offices.

Shortly before 9am I'd gotten a call at my office.  Our program manager said, "Jim, I don't know if your team is scheduled to be down here today, but they're not letting anyone in, and they won’t tell me why. If your guys are headed down, tell them to come on back." It would be four hours before I heard that our PM was safely back at the office.

We didn't have anyone on the way down, fortunately - and we got started on our normal daily routines.  

Then we started getting the news, and everything changed.  

My team was pretty heartbroken and devastated when they learned about what had happened to all those people they had just met.

Today, I’ll remember my team from that project – and more importantly, those people we lost.

We’re all on a journey.  Be mindful of others today.

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