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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Last 2014 Post from the Alexandria Hop Yard

Willamette hops.
One last post updating the hops I grew in the yard in Alexandria.  The Goldings bines - one new and one that is a year old, never amounted to much this year, and it seemed to be a recovery year for them.

On the other hand, my Willamette bine thrived.  It was in the same place that the Goldings had been last year, so that is something to think about.  Also, because I can't have a trellis there higher than eight feet, due to overhead power lines, there will never quite be the proliferation off of a plant in that location.

I'll spend the winter deciding what to do about the experiment...perhaps I will keep the two Goldings bines in their current location, where I can have a ten-foot trellis, and move the Willamette out to Luray and put it next to the shed, so it can grow over eight feet.

So while I move to the next stage of hop farming, I'll close this posts with a short description of the two hops varieties.

Kent Golding - designating the original Golding is no easier than sorting our the origins of the variety...even East Kent differs from Kent and certainly from American grown.  Most importantly, it tastes of English beer.  Very good storage.

Willamette - the most grown American aroma hop until AB InBev cut back commitment in 2008.  An alternative to Fuggle released in 1976, with a mild, spicy profile.  Versatile, its flavor works well with many styles.  Fair storage.

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