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Friday, August 8, 2014

I Grew a Hop - 2014 edition

Last week, when I wrote about Dan's hops, I had all but given up on the plants I have in the backyard at Alexandria.  In fact, I wrote of the season as a loss at the time and I wasn't planning to give any more updates on the Alexandria hops.

That all changed earlier in the week after Mary came in from checking on the tomatoes and told me that I had some hops on the Willamette bines.  This plant grew robustly this year, but since nobody seems to have any luck with the variety, I just assumed I had a decorative plant here.  But to my surprise, there are little green cones all over it now.

Not enough to make a batch of beer, but enough to maybe dry hop some future batch with.  I'll keep an eye on them and harvest them soon, probably within the next week.

In contrast, the Goldings are having a recovery year.  I've diagnosed the situation as a hazard of transplanting - I set them back to the first year level.  So next year I should see them come back into production.

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