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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bicycle Races are Coming Your Way

Over the weekend I volunteered to drive a wheel van in support of the Page Valley Road Race, as I did earlier in the year with the "Tour de Page County." Since it was my second time supporting the races this way, I had a little more time to watch and learn what's needed in this function - and I found I was really enjoying myself being part of the race.

The road race is one of several races promoted by my Page County neighbor Chris, who is one of the owners of Hawksbill Bicycles in Luray.  This race attracts riders from all over Virginia and the mid-Atlantic, and it benefits one of the local causes, Choices, which is a non-profit social services organization supporting victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. (Links to the Page Valley Cycling organization and Choices follow at the end of the post.)

There were a total of three races during the day, with several fields in each, so three wheel vans were involved.  The route took us along a couple of back roads I was familiar with, especially since the race starts pretty close to Hawksbill Cabin.  I tried to take some photos while being as safe as I could - some of them accompany the post.

The bike races are one of several "active tourism" events in Page County - they have a significant impact to an economy that truly needs positive inputs.  I wrote a post about the Page Valley Cycling events last year, linked here:  http://hawksbillcabin.blogspot.com/2013/01/page-valley-cycling-gives-back-to.html

The links to the organizations I mentioned above are here:

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