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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First World Problems

Water main repair in progress.
Wednesday night I got home to the sound of Mary tinkering away down in the utility room, where our furnace and hot water heater are located.  After she had finished, a little while later, there were still funny noises coming out of there.  The noise bedeviled us – we went down there several times to check them out to try and identify the source, but Mary had never been close to the pipe making the noise, and we never figured it out.

The next morning I went down to take my shower and get ready to work…but, no water!  I decided to skip it and take the dog for a walk, figuring it was a temporary thing. 

The hoard.
No such luck!  There were crews working on a major water main break a half block from us, and due to problems with that break we also had a secondary break up the street from us. 

I made coffee with some bottled water and figured I’d tell Mary when she got up. She immediately decided she needed to go to a grocery store to gather some water to hoard…she was gone a while, I figured she must be joining a bunch of water hoarders.

Our heavily infrastructured street.  Any number of
things could go wrong!
I’d planned to pen her a note since I needed to leave for work: “Mary, I needed to get to work.  Busy day ahead, plus I need to relieve myself.”

The water service was back on by mid-morning – it was a pretty big deal, as you can see in the photo.  Apparently my situation of having skipped my morning shower did not offend anyone either.  At least as far as I know.

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