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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Truck Patch is in

The 2012 edition of Mary's truck patch, just
getting started.

Mary put the truck patch in a few weeks ago, but I’ve just been slow to post about it.  She always has great luck with tomatoes in the backyard in Alexandria, so of course she has a few plants going.  She also chose a few more pepper plants this year than last.  She’s planted yellow squash, and added a “Japanese eggplant” vine this year. 

A weekend harvest from last year.  I forgot about the okra.
We had a pretty good harvest last year – it supplemented the great bounty we got at the Luray-Page County Farmers Market.  We’ll look forward to enjoying it this year too.

Of course, this Saturday will be our first visit to the Farmers Market in Luray this year, so we’re looking forward to it – and I will put up a post next week!

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