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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Pork Diaries: Sausage and More Sausage

Giving credit where it is due:
here's 'Pork Chop' herself!
Here we are in mid-May, about four months since the butchering.  Mary and I are probably half-way through the pork; I need to get an update from Chris on how much he has made it through.  The whole anniversary thing has me thinking about the pig Pork Chop - I get all teary-eyed for a minute, until I take another bite.

Omelette.  You spell it your way, I'll spell it mine.
On Sunday, I had resolved that we'd enjoy some of the breakfast sausage so I made up a batch of patties and paired them with an omelette.  I've got a photo somewhere here in this post.  I am so pleased with the simple recipe:  pork, salt, pepper, and sage.  For the omelette, Public House Produce eggs and some nice Colby cheese from Dayton.

Mary's response?

"An omelette? Fancy!"

So we enjoyed that between pool cleaning and other Hawksbill Cabin chores.

But it's always the case, because of how I packaged the sausage, that we'll have leftovers.  And my plan it to make a quiche later in the week with the extra patties.  So that's how it comes to this post.  On Tuesday night, I made a sausage and spinach quiche.  That'd be the final photo here.

And the quiche.  It's a good un.
Now this is a fairly local diet.  I can't account for the origin of the spinach, bought at Safeway, or for the pie crust I used.  But I do know the pork up close and personal.  And the eggs.  So that's got to count for something.

You know, I've always enjoyed a quiche, despite what that book in the 1980's said about real men. I remember that my roommate Henry would make one here and there. And then there was the wonderful bed and breakfast we stayed at a couple of times in Carmel, and another up in Mendocino, where this was standard breakfast fare.

Those were trips and stays worth remembering. And why not strive for a good quiche while we're in the business of reminiscing?

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