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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Big Unit

Since my visit to the Bass Pro Shop at Arundel Mills last February, I have been obsessed with the thought of replacing the grill I use at home in Alexandria with one of the new gas/charcoal combo kits.  So last weekend, since we stayed in, I pulled the trigger - except I didn't do the drive up to Arundel Mills, since I found one at a local Home Depot...and that was conveniently across the street from the home brew shop here (subject of a future post).

Now, I knew that this was a big unit; even so, I wanted an assembled grill to save myself the hassle.  I strategized that if necessary, we could detach the legs, and in the worst case, disassemble them.  We ended up detaching the legs and strapping the base of the unit onto the top of the Equinox, the barrel section took up all the cargo area with the seats down.

Purchasing anything that requires assistance at Home Depot is not my idea of having fun, by any means or definition.  However, I encounter a cheerful and helpful clerk who signed up to help, and we undertook the project of getting it loaded into my vehicle.

By the time the detachment was completed, I had a total of FOUR Home Depot clerks working with me, and this effort took a total of an hour.  Fascinating, but we got'r'done.

I chose Sunday for the inaugural grilling - there'll be a post on that tomorrow.  But here's a parting shot of the grill in action - there's some Pak Choy in the foil pouch down there on the gas side, while the charcoal from the earlier smoking action burns itself out in the near section.

I have a feeling I'll be enjoying this set up for some time to come.

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