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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Hay Fields and Pastures

It is one of my favorite seasons in Page County when I start seeing the hay bales out in the fields.  It is really a beautiful thing to see - and you can just feel all the energy that is going into the hard work of gathering it.

I've enjoyed watching nearby fields go from the tall hay, to being mowed, the curing, the raking and the bailing - a group of activities that takes a day or two, but the measured pace is one that gives you time to pause and reflect on what a beautiful place we have here.

Now I have a couple of additional photos to share today, one of the buffalo that I love to check on when I am out on errands.  This weekend, they happened to be close enough to the fence that I could get a good photo of them - although they were suspicious enough of me when I got out of the car and walked up to the fence.

And a final one I took a few weeks ago, the first hay field I noticed getting worked on.  This is the town lot over by the farmers market in front of the tannery.

I have a few thoughts on my mind about development in Page County these days.  I'm still working them over and I'm not ready to post them, but I will be soon.  In short, I'd like to see more responsibility and sound management of the prospects, so that we can respect the rural heritage that we have - and which is a major attraction.

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Jay Dedman said...

Page County needs a logical vision. Even just a little seed we can start from.