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Monday, May 7, 2012

Adventure Dog: Not Exactly

A few weekends ago, I thought I might take Tessie on a hike with me up in Shenandoah.  I chose a simple route, Turk Mountain, in the south district, with a warm-up stop at Calf Mountain on the way, where I could evaluate how she would do on the trails.

She had a great time, but eventually we got caught in a spring rain.  The photo above is after we got back the the car at the Turk Mountain trail (2.2 miles, about 480 feet of elevation gain).  She was soaked, and I think a little tired, so unhappy.

But I think she's ready to go again at anytime.  The other picture here is of her during a break on Calf Mountain.  There's a fire road up there and I took her off leash for about a quarter mile.

She found some rabbits.  Don't let the unhappy dog look fool you - there was plenty of canine happiness.

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