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Friday, April 27, 2012

Another Spring Greenway Visit

Since Tessie joined us, I find myself taking advantage of the Hawksbill Greenway more and more often whenever we are in town.  We have a couple of preferred walks, most often starting from the little parking area at Ruffner Plaza, where the summer concerts are given.

From that direction walking south, you'll pass the old sawmill, then go under the BUS 340 and rail bridges, pass the swimming holes, and wind up at the southern end of the walk.  Whenever I take this walk, I always enjoy the view you get, from whichever angle, of the two bridges over the creek.

All right, they're iconic - made famous in the O. Winston Link photograph I've mentioned before.  Here is a link to the Link Museum store with the famous image.  I have a copy - if I ever work in an office again I may even get to hang it up!


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