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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

French Toast and Bacon!

French toast with farm-fresh eggs, bacon,
and maple syrup.
My travel schedule lately is getting the best of me.  But last weekend, Mary and I were able to enjoy one benefit from all of it - and combining it with some great Page County Grown farm products as well.

As you can see in the picture to the left, we had a great breakfast of french toast and bacon, and New York state maple syrup.  There's a story with each part of this meal, of course.

The syrup is something I picked up on my travels to upstate New York a few weeks ago.  I wrote a post about the farm it comes from; the post is titled The Sugar House, and it appeared last week.

The French toast is made with farm-fresh, pasture-based eggs from Public House Produce in Luray, one of the charter members of Page County Grown.

And then there is the bacon, which came from the pig they raised for us over at Public House Produce - I wrote about the butchering before, and the posts that are labeled "Pork Diaries" is about the various memorable meals we've been able to enjoy as a result.

As this post goes up, I am heading out on the road yet again, to Dallas now for a second week.  We're close to deadline, so this may be the last week of travel....I could use a break.

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