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Monday, October 31, 2011

October Nor'easter

All week long there was that looming forecast of a winter storm coming, predicted to hit the mid-Atlantic region by Halloween weekend.  And so it did.

This was an early snow, mixed with sleet - it was very wet, and quickly adherred to the remaining leaves on the trees.  As Tessie and I were hanging around in the cabin Saturday morning, we were constantly interrupted by the burst and crack of trees branches coming down in the wood lot under the weight of the snow.

Tessie and I took a little walk to check things out.  She was very excited to be out in the snow, so much so it distracted her from her business - we went out no less than three times before we had "results."  

All the shrubs were weighed down from the snow.  They survived the "Snowpocalypse" in 2010, though, so hopefully there isn't much permanent damage or loss.  Also, we found that you can finally see Beaver Run again with the leaves down.

Weather like this sets up a very beautiful scene, despite the cold and inconvenience - our power went off at 9:00 am; I didn't expect it to be restored until at least Sunday.  Fortunately, the gas heat works without electricity, so I turned it up a little higher than usual and the two of us bailed for Alexandria on Saturday afternoon.

We made a quick stop in town at Hawksbill Bicycles, where Chris and Rob were setting up for the Chambers downtown Trick or Treat event. 

Luray was abuzz with all the festivities, between Darkwood Manor just behind there, and a metal music fest that was also scheduled for the evening.  There's always a lot going on, maybe surprisingly so, for such a small town!

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