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Friday, October 28, 2011

Door Chore

During my furlough, I had resolved to take care of a few small maintenance projects around Hawksbill Cabin - as if, because I'm so handy, all that I really needed was the time - one that I am really good at though, is painting.  So I've begun to get some much needed touch ups done.

We have this fabulous door at the entry to HC - it has an elaborate, heavy duty hinge assembly on dutch panels.  An additional layer of wood planks was installed on the interior part, so it's double thick.  No bear is getting in while we are away, and I think the door would survive a tree falling on it...knock on wood that that doesn't happen.

The door faces south, so it gets the sun year round, and lately, I've begun to notice that the paint was fading.  Worse yet, apparently, somewhere along the way, someone had used spray paint for touch ups, and now the traces of two finishes were beginning to show, a glossy finish from the spray paint and something more of a matte on the undercoat. 

Off to Lowes for a gallon of exterior latex in color Merlot. This is the same color we've used on the hand rail that surrounds the brick terrace.  I've got a picture here of Tessie supervising me painting those.

There are also some color panels on the addition (I hope to get these taken care of during the fall). Although the front door needed painting, these are the real motivator for the project...the frames for these was painted in an oil-based black enamel, which is peeling.  That is what I am really trying to get to, but I thought I would start with the red paint first, and do the detail after.

Finally, there is a mistake that I made a few years ago, that needed to be corrected, and now finally has been.  I painted the doors on the barn with an idea of tying the outbuilding thematically to the house.  Unfortunately, the paint I chose was in the color "terra cotta"...which gave a distinctly Harley Davidson appearance - there used to be a Harley in there, but not any more these days.  Here's a link to a blog post back when I painted them the first time.  http://hawksbillcabin.blogspot.com/2008/06/catching-up-on-few-small-projects.html

All good now though.  Those doors are the color of a fine wine!

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