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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Norton Harvest at Wisteria

It has been grape harvesting season at our neighbors Wisteria Farm and Vineyard in Stanley, VA over the last six weeks or so.  With all the rain, despite several periods of consecutive sunny days, it's been a challenging process, but they did get the white varieties in during September.  When I checked in with Moussa a few weeks ago, he told me the reds would probably be ready about mid-month in October, so here you go - on Sunday, a team of volunteers was out picking Norton.

The Carmine was supposed to come in next week, but with the forecast, Moussa says they'll move up that to Tuesday morning.  I've got a second photo here of some of the volunteers working in the rows.

Tessie and I made a stop by to say hi to everybody and check in for the plan next Sunday, which is how I found out about the revised plan for the Carmine.  I'm traveling this week, so I'll miss the chance to get out in the vines to help.

Good luck Wisteria, I hope the harvest is bountiful!

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