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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Pool's Closed

Mary and I decided to close the pool early this year, especially once we realized we would be taking our last swim on Labor Day weekend. Remembering that having the pool open as the leaves begin coming down makes the opening next year that much more difficult, we arranged to have the gang from Uncle D’s come out and take care of the closing mid-September.

So here’s a photo of the pool all closed down and covered up.

Not to be forgotten, I took late summer photo of the pool in all its glory before we closed it, so here are two from Labor Day weekend, just as we were deciding on the early closing.

Also, we learned something else about the pool during summer dinners on the brick terrace – that the ambient lighting it gives off is very pleasant. We used this as background light to supplement the candles during a couple of dinner parties with neighbors this summer. It made for a nice time.

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