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Friday, September 24, 2010

Clarendon Construction - September 2010, part 1

After I uploaded the photos today, I realized that I don't have any for the large building across the street from my office, nor do I have any of the air space building going up over the church nearby.  I'll take some shots over the next day and post them soon.

Meanwhile, the mid-block building is fast approaching completion.  It is slated for occupancy later this year, and it seems like they may be just a bit behind schedule. 

I am taking a "Construction Management 101" class right now at the local community college, and so the posts that I have on this topic will soon be part of my class project there, along with a site visit that I need to coordinate. 

Photos today include the first one, above, of the "tower" at the southern side of the mid-block building.  I took this one because it shows the windows on this side in the progress of being installed.  At the top you can just see the cupola, which will be a detail topic in my project - they used glass masonry up there, so I assume there will be some kind of lighting feature.

Also, a view of the construction elevator and the opening on that side of the building, allowing the equipment to be loaded in as the bulk of the work now continues inside.

A look back at the posts on this mid-block building reminded me that the old storefronts are to be reinstalled at street level on the north end of the building, along Wilson Boulevard, in the area that is black in the final picture.  That work has now begun; although these photos are two weeks old, some of the masonry is already going up in that area.

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