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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cape Cod Weekend

Mary and I are just back from a weekend on Cape Cod, where we stayed at a charming little house in the town Chatham.  I'll have a few posts on our activities there - we visited with some old friends, took some walks on the beaches that make up the Cape Cod National Seashore, toured several of the lighthouses, and of course, ate seafood for nearly every meal.

Walking on the beaches, we found a variety of shells that we typically don't find in North Carolina or Florida, or even New Jersey, the beaches we most often visit.  Mostly, I'm referring to these scallop shells, arrayed at the bottom of the photo here. 

Of course, the opportunity to have seafood for every meal didn't escape us (although we passed on the calamari breakfast) - one of the nice finds was this little place in Chatham, called the Squire.  I really like the motto, thinking that we all should have one after reading this, although this one is taken.

Sam Adams O-fest on tap - I found it in most of our little stops.

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