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Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Pizza in Town

A couple of weeks ago, I finally had the chance to make a stop at the Brick Oven Pizzeria, which recently moved to Main Street in Luray from their old location in Stanley. They enjoyed a good business in Stanley, with a location right next to the skate park and promising delivery far and wide throughout Page County.
Page County has its competing Pizza restaurants: Domino’s, Celio’s, and Anthony’s – these last two Valley-based chains – and Pizza Hut are here. They vary in their delivery range and timing commitment. Given this competition, I wasn’t surprised but I was very disappointed in the fall when we drove by the Stanley location to see the building vacant, even stripped of furnishings.
It wasn’t long before they reopened in this location, which was a local coffee shop (there’s also a lot of disappointment with the closure of that establishment). Besides seating capacity, the previous operator had installed wireless internet, which is available to patrons.
As I mentioned, I finally made a stop here after walking the Greenway a couple of weeks ago. I had a meatball sub…it was a fine sandwich, meeting every expectation.
I took a carryout menu to refer to as I wrote this post. There’s an amusing quote here: “We go where NO pizza has ever gone before!!” I believe this is a reference to their delivery zone, which I was told extends all the way south to the outer reaches of Shenandoah, and north to Rileyville, which is the border of the county. They said it takes about 20 minutes to get to the south end of the area, and less than that to get to the north end.
As I talked to one of the drivers, he asked where we lived. I told him about the Hawksbill Cabin and our address. “Oh yeah, I’ve delivered there before, I know where that is,” he said. I am pretty sure Britt and Lori, the previous owners with teenage kids, ordered from them a few times, and our other neighbors probably do too.
The Brick Oven Pizzeria website is http://www.stanleypizza.com/ – I’m looking forward to seconds. (PS – the phone number on the sign is wrong, they’re changing it for the new location!)

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