Ramble On

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Before I went up to GWNF to walk along the interpretive hikes at the New Market Gap Visitor Center, I took a walk on my normal route in the Hawksbill Cabin neighborhood.

When I got down to the main road, I was greeted by the neighbor's full complement of barnyard residents - the horse, donkey and goats. Although they had fresh forage they still came over to visit as if I had something for them. Even the donkey came over to the fence.
I get it! It won't happen again. I won't be empty handed next time!

Before I went out to stretch my legs, since the overnight wasn't a hard freeze as it has been the last few times out, I put on a little fire and had my coffee on the brick terrace. Deep in the hollow like this, even in the winter, it's all quiet and peaceful-like.

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