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Monday, January 18, 2010

Gutter Job

During the recent snow and melt, our gutters at the Hawksbill Cabin took a beating. They were torn away from the house due to the sheer amount of snow, coupled with a one-inch rain fall. As of this weekend, there was still snow on the roof – shown here in a photo from Sunday morning – but if the warming trend holds another day or so, all of the snow will finally be off the roof. Then who knows until the big piles in the shade behind the house melt away.

In addition to having Alan come out for a little bit of roof work – he’ll be doing a specialized flashing repair and installing “icebreakers” to prevent future damage to the gutters – we had our gutter guy, Craig Comer from Luray with Precision Seamless Gutters, in case Page Valley readers are interested – he’s always been responsive and has done a great job for us.

In addition to reattaching the gutters where they had torn away, we reopened the downspout at the center of the back of the house. I don’t like the placement of this one or how it drains to a little pipe under the house, seen in this photo as white piping in the stairwell. But we learned this is essential drainage for the roof’s large flat spaces – the run to the ends is too far for a heavy rain.

The downspout at the end of the stone portion of the house had to be reattached after the storms, and the gutter on this end was angled more to send water its way. Because this side of the house is somewhat sheltered by trees, there never seems to be much drainage here, although it may just head the other way to the central downspout.

Now just to get the chimney work and icebreakers in place, and hopefully that’ll do ‘er.

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