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Friday, January 8, 2010

Clarendon Construction Update - Exterior Masonry Detail

During December, I took a walk over to the Post Office, and from there to a neighborhood Starbucks. My route took me to the other side of the construction project we've been monitoring here on the blog, so I have a photo to share from one of those other vantage points - but first, we start with the traditional views from my office window.

The mid-December snows left quite a mess at the site. There was a full day of shovelling snow out of the upper floors where it had blown in - that was quite and interesting (and I have to admit, I thought, dangerous) activity. As I write this, there are still traces of that snow around town, but most of what was at the construction site has melted away.

Here is another view of the site from ground level looking up an alley as I walked around the new buildings. You can see the masonry going up, they are using these gantry elevators to do that. In the next update I will try and include a photo showing how they are attached to the building - very interesting.

The mid-block site is also coming along, but they are still building and finishing the slabs. They are about halfway through the floor that is above the one I've shown here.

I'll keep you posted on this - of course!

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