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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Update - Backyard Hops in Alexandria

Last year, I planted two rhizomes, one each of Goldings and Willamettes. The Goldings produced a few cones, but not many - and that was okay because it was a first year plant.  The Willamette didn't produce any cones, although it and the Goldings bine grew to well over six feet tall.

This year, I transplanted both of those bines, and I added another Goldings rhizome.  The transplanting must have been tough on the plants, however - the Goldings especially.  Even the second year plant is doing worse than it did in its first year, and there are no cones.

The Willamette, on the other hand, has produced a cone or two, but these are not well formed and they are small.  There aren't enough of them to do anything with anyway - I am only seeing a half dozen or so.

I think that I may take these out to Hawksbill Cabin and replant them somewhere so that they can be a decorative plant.  I'll restart my hopyard with some Cascade rhizomes from Dan - his are doing so well.  And although I don't have any photos, our friend Bill has a robust little hopyard going too, from Dan's rhizomes.

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