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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Barncat MIA

We figured the day would come when we would see changes in the group of barncats that hang around Hawksbill Cabin.  It has been about six weeks now since we have seen Momcat, photographed here one weekend in May, just before our vacation.

Momcat was the first of the barncats, and she is the mother of one of the two we ended up adopting.  She was friendly and liked to follow Tessie and me around the property on early morning walks - even leading the way up into the wood lot on winter mornings.

She was very social the last weekend we saw her, even letting me get this close for the photo, and coming around to have her ears scratched.  Maybe she was saying goodbye.

We still have the two boys - Patch and Little Guy, and the other cat who had a litter, which a neighbor named Foxy.  All of them were fixed with the assistance of Cat's Cradle in Harrisonburg (link:  http://catscradleva.org/).

Maybe Momcat is still around, staying near one of the neighbor's houses, but more likely she has passed away.  So here's a tribute to the little one's company - we'll miss her!

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