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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Start of the Tomatoes

For the last few weeks, Mary and I have been able to stop by the Luray Page Farmers Market to pick up fresh produce for the week.  I usually start by grilling something on Saturday nights and then we can turn the other items into salads or meals for week nights.

Yesterday, my friend David over at Public House Produce put up some photos of the start of tomato season, and I've filched them for sharing.  He grows a variety of types - diversity is a risk management technique for farmers - including many heirlooms.  They make a first stop under the barn for sorting and packing, shown here.

The close up of the huge tomato shows a Prudens Purple Heirloom - this is only the first or second week of tomatoes and he is already picking meal-sized fruit.

Back in 2011, I spent a part of my furlough hanging around the farm on an internship.  It wasn't exactly working, but I did do some chores - and I put together quite a few blog posts from the enriching experience.  Here's one, celebrating David's tomato harvest from that year:

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