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Friday, August 9, 2013

More Lynchburg

So, we've been to Lynchburg twice, for a total of maybe 3 days, but we already have haunts.  The old mill in the first photograph is an example - it stands one lot over from the Craddock Terry Hotel and you can see it from the catwalk that bridges over to the second building.

When we visited before with Mary's University of Maryland trip, we took a developer's tour of this building.  At the time they were planning to transition it into lofts - I'm sure somebody would still like to do that, but the work has apparently stopped for now.  The building looks like it has been stabilized, with the project idled until the economy gets better.

There are a lot of photographs of the interior of the mill under the Lynchburg label at the end of this post - I remember the tour was very interesting.

As we walked around the town, we ranged a couple of blocks to the north from the hotel.  We checked out the vintage deco Allied Arts Building (it has its own Wikipedia page at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allied_Arts_Building).  It's fascinating to me to think that this little town was once the most prosperous in Virginia, and in 1929 someone could afford the investment in this "skyscraper."

The final shot I collected on this trip is this Gothic church.  The steeple is probably 100 feet tall, and it has some lovely features in the archways and masonry.  It sits at the top of the ridge that separates downtown Lynchburg from the Federal Hill Historic District - one of seven historic districts in Lynchburg, by the way!

Our walk continued around, and since it was Sunday night, the sidewalks were all pretty much rolled up. We checked out the plaza where they have their farmers market and the terraced walk where they have war memorials.

We also found time to stroll along their river walk, and we stopped in for a nice ale at the Depot - a watering hole down there along the railroad tracks.


posumcop said...

Did you eat at Lynchburg's famous T-Room?

Jim said...

We didn't - mainly stuck around within walking distance to the hotel both times. Now that I have Googled that place I'll have to look it up!