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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Farm Tour Stop 1: Public House Produce

After the rain stopped, Mary, Kathy, Brendan and I made our way to our first stop on the PCG Farm Tour - we went to Public House Produce.  We ran into a couple of the other farm touristas there when we first arrived.

David and Heather had set up their annual tomato tasting (I have a photo of a few of the varieties from under the barn).  I'd make a confession that until I became familiar with some of the heirlooms I was never a big fan of tomatoes, but they're growing on me nowadays.

This stop also featured the flower garden, where they were offering "cut your own" sunflowers.  The flowers were pretty wonderful.  I used a photo of them in my post yesterday.

I also got to meet the new pigs, or as I have been calling them, this winter's hogs.  I'll make a few stops by there as they grow between now and January, and Chris and I have already had a quick email exchange about the news.  More on them to follow.

While I was checking out the pigs, Delilah and Butterscotch, the goats, came over for a little visit.  Butterscotch in particular wanted some attention, so I scratched her noggin.  She's quite the social bird.

During the spring, David had told me he got a new tractor to help manage things over at the "river patch" he's been working this year.  The machine adds a lot of capability - it's really been an eye opener learning everything that a tractor is used for on the farm.

This one has an extra low gear that is perfect for setting onions, green beans and sweet corn.  Here's a video of him standing next to the tractor as it inches along at a speed approaching 1/4 mile per hour.  He tells me it's hard to keep it moving in a straight line at this speed!

Our late start had put us behind schedule, so after a great visit there at Public House Produce, we decided to see if we could catch Long Acres on the recommendation of John and Nina, who we'd run into when we first arrived.  Alas, the rain had made us too late for that, so we decided to make our second and last stop at Wisteria Farm and Vineyard - that will be the topic of my post tomorrow.

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