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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Pork Diaries - the Breakfast Sausage

Checking in with Chris, who shares the pig with me every year, he tells me they've already made it through most of the take - there's only Iowa-style pork chops and ground pork left.

Meanwhile, I did a check of our freezer and we're still holding our own.  We still have bacon, a few packs of brats, breakfast sausage, a rack of ribs (I've been lucky and found them on sale at Food Lion a couple of times, so haven't prepared the ones from this year's hog), and some roasts.  Still have a couple of the big ham steaks I got from cutting down the ham the way I did this year.

Mary thought it would be good to break out the sausage a couple of weekends ago, and she did, pairing it with some fresh eggs from Public House Produce and some fresh bread from Main Street Bakery - both in Luray.

I think there's enough pork in there to get us through the winter.

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