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Friday, July 19, 2013

Mary's Beer Can Chicken

For our third attempt at beer can chicken, Mary decided she would try her hand at it.  I won't post the recipe here because they are ubiquitous and she used one she found after a Google search - the same as we have the other times we've made this.

There were a few tweaks worth noting this time - she grilled on the gas side of the Big Unit, using the little stand accessory we bought when I got the Weber for Hawksbill Cabin.  She also used a "generic" Wisconsin Lager as the beer, which she had purchased from Trader Joes.

It's come out just fine every time, but I do think that we are getting close to a place where we'll use a consistent recipe going forward. Future variations might include using the competition rub from my barbecue team, and we might also try the simple Greek "Glekas" style marinade of honey, lemon, and oregano.

Those are some truck patch tomatoes in the background, and the squash and egg plant in the foreground also came from the backyard.  The sweet corn was from Public House Produce out in Luray.  Everything was delicious.

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