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Sunday, July 21, 2013

American Skin

For today's subject I'm taking a hint from one of the blogs I follow today, Coarse Cracked Corn, which you can find over in the blogroll to the right.  

When the president came out and spoke so eloquently as an American last Friday, I was very moved.  Like so many, I have conflicting thoughts about the Zimmerman verdict, but more than that, I feel deeply that something's gone very wrong in America, when we are forced to rationalize away the verdict there. 

I do make political posts here from time to time and I suppose this will be one of those times.  I have to respect that jury's verdict - it's on the same two way street as the one the O.J. trial went down.  But in this case the tragedy is much deeper, and there is a law that has to be changed.  That would be, for me, a great positive result.

Now back to the Coarse Cracked Corn post today - a hat tip for reminding me of the Springsteen song "41 Shots" embedded above.  And as they wrote there:

"It ain't no secret" that racism in America still exists in all but Faux News wingnut minds. Other than the president, few have spoken as poignantly as Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

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Belle Rose said...

Thanks for the credit and putting the Boss and this tough topic up for further discussion.