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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fresh from the Truck Patch

Last week, Mary was able to go out to Hawksbill Cabin and spend some time there - she left me in charge of the truck patch while she was gone, and I was able to coax the tomato plants along enough to produce a couple of fruit - before July 4 even!

Here are the first two tomatoes out of the patch.  This week, she has quite a few crook neck yellow squash showing up, and there are the first eggplants too.  Meanwhile, she's pulled off several more tomatoes - and the first two have been eaten!

Now, I also have a photo here from Public House Produce.  Their first haul of tomatoes came in last week as well - of course, David is growing heirlooms at scale.  So this is just a peek at what's to come for the rest of the summer harvest season.

Hopefully the combination of wet and hot weather means a good truck patch season for everybody!

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