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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Flowers at Hawksbill Cabin

Mary manages the garden at Hawksbill Cabin and she's been careful to make sure that there is something blooming year round.  Our hostas were just about to pop open last weekend, and that will be a riot in itself, since there are so many, but meanwhile we had a couple of varieties of  lillies showing up along with one of my favorites, the bee balm.

These day lillies were planted by one of the former owners and there are two patches of them, one up by the parking place and the second down the hill on a little bank under the oaks.  You can see these flowers growing wildly all around the Virginia countryside as well.

The bee balm has become my favorite of the summer blooms.  I remember that it was blooming the first time we came to see Hawksbill Cabin, before we even bought it.  There used to be two patches of them, one over by the barn and this one next to the little shed.  Every fall I break off the dead flowers hoping that some chance seeds will germinate and we'll get some new plants.

The bright red lillies are a new addition this year.  Mary planted them next to the lavender, which is another highlight, because of the white butterflies it attracts.  This little bright spot greats your arrival as you walk the path from the parking area to the brick terrace.

All of the summer flower photos today were processed through Instagram, by the way.

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