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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sled Run

I’d heard about snow out in the valley last week, and sure enough, when I arrived at Hawksbill Cabin on Friday that’s what I found – a couple of inches of base with a crusty glaze from sleet and freezing rain over the top of it.  Add a little snow plow drift at the base of the driveway, and I couldn’t get up the hill in the dark.

In daylight the next day, Chris and I postponed our planned hike and decided to do some other adventures, starting with a sled run down the hill.  We used the minibogs, the little miniature toboggan sleds that I got at a store in Arlington a few years ago.  There’s a photo of them here, and an embedded video of me talking about how we used to sled on these in the Harz Mountains of Germany before taking a test run on one of them below.

Now, apparently, I have bored my readers with a similar video a couple of years back.  That doesn’t make our sled runs down the hill any less fun.  In fact, as a reward for reading through this post, here is a blur video that kind of celebrates the fun:

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