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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pork Preparatory Period - 2013 edition

Over the weekend David let me know that it's getting close to the time to schedule the 2013 butchering.  We've settled on a couple of weeks from now, so I thought I might make a stop by the farm to take a look at how the hogs are growing.

They're all over 250 pounds.  I can easily see the weight gain on them from week to week, too - I might go through the photos I've taken this year to see how they've grown since they got on the farm back in August.

Chris and I got together for a little while over the weekend to discuss how we'd like to divide out the share.  Although I enjoyed the roast a lot this year, the trade-off of having them was less sausage and ground pork  He proposed that we shift some of the cuts this way, and I think it's a good idea - so we'll have the same breakfast sausage as last year, probably some brats, and then some miscellaneous ground pork that can be frozen and then spiced up into sausage later.

We'll also cut the pork chops a little thicker than I did last year, and we'll have a few other changes.  I'll post those when the time comes.

I also took a look around to see what was in the cooler at Public House Produce - a lot of apples and eggs. There was a nice fragrance in the walk-in from all the fruit in there.

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