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Friday, January 11, 2013

Sitting in the Dschungel on Nurnberger Strasse

David Bowie has released a new single – apparently it’s his first commercially available music in ten years.  As I write this, I’ve embedded the video in the blog’s header, but a link is below if it’s not there anymore.

(Note: I was stationed in Berlin in the early '80's - during the time of David Bowie's emergence as a global pop star.  My friends and I were fans, especially liking Heroes, and we knew some of Bowie's history in Berlin.  So from time to time we might find something that combined something about Bowie and something about Berlin - the day we spent walking along the Wall in Neukolln, for example.  These posts are marked with the label "Bowie Quest" and you can find them by clicking on the label below.)

The song was released this month, January 2013, in celebration of Bowie’s 66th birthday.  Much of it is reminiscing about Bowie’s time in Berlin, where he lived for a good portion of the 1970’s.  The title of this post is an early verse in the song.

Of course, I have a Berlin memory to share about this one.

There was a disco on Nurnberger Strasse that some friends and I used to go to from time to time, called The Sugar Shack (my Berlin years were 1981 to 1986).  In fact, that is the first place I ever heard Madonna’s “Holiday.” 

One time I was out with a friend on the way to The Sugar Shack.  Right around that time I had read something about Bono and the Edge hanging out in Berlin at "The Jungle," and then when we turned onto Nurnburger Strasse (about 2 blocks from KaDeWe).  We saw some very hip Berliners going into a building there, and we followed them in - we hung out for some drinks and then moved on to where we were headed.

It's a place I went back to a few times - there was a very good late night Trattoria across the street.  The video inspired a Wikipedia search, which says the Dschungel was at Nurnberger Strasse 53.  Clicking that address flies me to right where I remember the place.

From the looks of things, a lot of redevelopment has happened there on that street – the modern Ellington Hotel takes up a lot of the block. I suppose I’ll never know if I was really there at the Dschungel, that time and place, but I’ll go ahead and assume I was.

Here’s a link to the video:

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