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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wisteria's Sheep Sheering

With all the (justified) hullabaloo about the wine, sometimes it's easy to forget that our friends over at Wisteria are keeping up a working farm - featuring the flock of Romney sheep.  Although we didn't make it out in time for the event (we rolled in to enjoy a little tasting at around 5pm), last Saturday was sheering day.

Sue has put up some highlight photos on Facebook, but for this post, I'm combining a photo of part of the flock I took last December with two from the Wisteria home page (link below).  The activity here is called skirting - after the bundle of fleece comes off in one piece from the sheep, it is spread out for a quick and thorough rinse.

From there, after it is cleaned and dried, it can be spun into yarn and eventually makes its way into fine products.

Wisteria has another event planned this Saturday - they'll be planting some new vines out in the vineyard.  We're going to try and be there for that...heading out Friday night so we can join the fun at Oh Dark Thirty.

Wisteria's web site is at:


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