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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another Quiche - from the Pork Diaries

Smoking the ham on the grill was a success - I still have a few things to perfect about cooking that way, but we had a nice dinner.  And typical of hams, we had plenty of leftovers, so I made a quiche on Sunday.

This time, I just pulled together some diced onion, a bit of cheddar, and the ham, basically whatever we had in the fridge.  I used the Betty Crocker recipe that I always do, adding an extra egg, and doing the two-step baking process (15 minutes at 425, and then 30 minutes at 300, if I remember correctly).

I sprinkled a little paprika on top along with some chives for color and presentation.  I was good, and we had it for dinner Sunday, lunch on Monday.

Mary has found another recipe that uses leftover ham - a ham salad.  She mixes in some vegetables, diced egg, and dressing.  It's kind of old-timey, but you can eat it plain or on a sammich.

More adventures with pork follow.

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