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Monday, April 8, 2013

Tessie Gets a Job

Unusual focus.  Or maybe not...Mary was making noises in the kitchen.
Here's a link to the rescue organization Tessie was at:
On our first check in with the vet, the tech said, "Tessie would be a great pet therapy dog."  We recently passed the two year anniversary of adopting her - Mary's had that vet tech's words in the back of her mind ever since.  On Sunday, Mary and Tessie finished their evaluations, and they are now able to participate freely in pet therapy visits throughout the DC area.

(Editor's Note:  Mary added some information after reading the first version of this post.  Her entire message follows:  Saw the coverage of Tessie's new career on your blog.  You should add the name of the organization: People. Animals. Love (PAL).  It's located on Capitol Hill and the Web site is http://www.peopleanimalslove.org/  ...Technically, Tessie will be a therapy assistance dog, meaning she visits and offers companionship rather than participating in a program of therapy that has goals to meet and measure.  She just has to be her sweet self.  PAL has relationships with a number of locations, mostly retirement homes, senior centers, and rehabilitation centers.  She can also visit libraries and have kids read to her.  I might try that one next.)

I can't fully express how proud I am of the two of them.  The dog has been a real treat, certainly - but Mary saw this opportunity for service and has been persistent in tracking down the hows and whens, and finally over the last month, managed to get the evals over with during a visit to the Armed Forces Retirement Home in DC (link below).

Tess is a border collie - you can check out that breed at Wikipedia and see all about the intensity and focus they regularly exhibit, which makes them excellent working dogs.  On the other hand, this one's a little different...180 degrees removed from Gracie, the border collie we had for a long time before losing her in 2009.  Where Gracie wanted to run and fetch every waking moment, Tess would just as soon hang close and keep you company.

It's exhausting work, being a pet therapy dog.
That's the trait the vet tech picked up on, and I suppose it is a real talent.

Mary embraced the idea and tracked down the organization that manages this process, and followed up on the appointments and evaluations that were necessary.

I know Tessie is a natural at it.  And I really appreciate how dedicated Mary has been in finding this new opportunity for service in the community.

Here's the link to the Armed Forces home they visited on Sunday:

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