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Monday, September 17, 2012

New Pigs!

A few weeks ago I realized that David had gotten the pigs at just around this time last year - when I was spending some time on the farm in my so-called internship.  When I asked him about it at the farmers market, he confirmed that this was the time he'd be headed out to get the new pigs, and next thing I knew, there was a photo of them all on Facebook.

This one is a shot of all the little pigs in a pile sleeping one morning last week - the temperatures are getting down into the 50's at night now, so they sleep pretty close together.

All pink and proud.

Pigs sleep soundly, and their wakeup time is at least an hour after the chickens get up, as you can see here.  In fact, even the goats had wondered into the stall that morning before the pigs got up.

No post about pigs would be complete if I didn't mention last year's pig, who I called Pork Chop, much to David's daughter's chagrin.  Here she is, weighing in at just about 400 pounds last January.  The week before we butchered her.

To put this new bunch in perspective, they probably arrived at the farm at around 35 pounds, and they may already be passing 45 on the way to 50.  They'll pass normal market weight of 250 in November or so, and then continue growing until January.

Here's to Pork Chop, in any case.

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