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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9-11 A Day to Remember

I want to make a short post today as we pause to remember 9-11 this morning.  This year our observance falls on a Tuesday - as the actual events did in 2001 - and again we have a near perfect day on the east coast, the crisp edge of approaching fall.  So many things about the day remind us of where we were that fateful morning.  

I read in the paper that 11 years later, the painful memories may not be so fresh and raw so our thoughts tend to be more about the history of the day.  Even so, with so many lost, we will remember them.

A few months back Mary and I were at the Newseum, where they have an exhibit of some artifacts from the various sites of 9-11.  There are the engine nacelles from the jets that flew into the World Trade Center, some elements of police cars that were on-site with first responders.

And equally moving for me is a display of some of the front pages of newspapers from 9-12, the day afterwards.  My friend Dennis and I visited the Newseum on 9-12-2001, and I remember being overwhelmed by the display of more than 50 front pages from across the country and the world, all showing those horrific scenes.  It still moves me to this day.

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