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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Table Grapes at Wisteria

Even though the name of the place is Wisteria Farm and Vineyard, you might be thinking that all the grapes Moussa and Sue grow go into the wines.  That's not true - over the last couple of years or so, the vines over the grape arbors have matured, and now there is a nice crop of table grapes to boot.

These are the very same arbors that are used for the music under the arbor events at the vineyard.  You can check out the schedule here (about halfway down the page):  http://wisteriavineyard.com/

Mary and I visited two weeks ago and I saw that the table grapes are coming along.  By now, they may even be ready.  They're available by request in the tasting room.

...very reasonable and farm fresh!

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