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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hawksbill Greenway, A Ritual

After a pause to reflect yesterday, I'll return to the subject of the ritual Tessie and I enjoy on weekend mornings, walking along the Hawksbill Greenway in Luray.

Here's a photo of the old swimming hole - reader Posumcop and I have had some exchanges about this little pool in the Creek near the railroad overpass.  On most summer afternoons you'll see kids down there swimming and horsing around, but when the dog and I come strolling by, it's usually pretty quiet, as in this photo.

Luray has a tradition of having murals around town. There are some rules that they go by, generally so that nothing is too much of an advertisement.

This is a new one going up on the exterior wall of a sawmill that is along the Creek here.  The mountains are the Blue Ridge section that runs from Mary's Rock on the left to Hawksbill Mountain on the right - Luray's Skyline, so to speak.  The other items in the photo, becoming clearer day by day, are references to the tradition of sawmills in the Valley.  I'm looking forward to seeing the finished mural.

The Greenway is a pathway that follows the Creek through town for nearly two miles.  You can get a nice walk in there, nearly four miles if you do the whole thing.  Tess and I usually take in about two miles of it, though, on these weekend walks.

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