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Friday, June 8, 2012

Meet the Trouts (not Roy)

Last weekend I wanted to grill something different, so I picked up a few trout fillets from Whole Paychex.  After blazing up the big unit, I grilled the fillets with a mix of lemon juice, butters, capers, and salt and pepper.  Here's a photo of them, accompanied by sprigs of fresh basil from Mary's truck patch.

I thought it might be nice to pair these up with a few sides.  From my friend Rick in Tampa, I'd gotten the idea to grill some tomatoes - these are stuffed with basil and garlic.  There were also yukon gold potatoes in the mix, and zucchini squash (the squash and tomatoes are from Pennsylvania, according to the sign in Whole Paychex).

This weekend there won't be much grilling in store for us.  The season's inaugural Page County Grown event will be held in town in Luray Saturday night - so that's our plan.

Good weekend y'all!

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