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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wisteria's "New" Wine Club

Some of the offerings in our Alexandria cellar.
In the “old news I’ve been meaning to post,” Wisteria Farm and Vineyard formed a Wine Club last year.  From what I gather during my last visit over there, two weeks ago, it’s been a great success.  If you haven’t been yet to this little piece of heaven that Sue and Moussa have built in Page County, I have two thoughts for you:
  1. 1.       You have no idea what you’re missing!
  2. 2.       What are you waiting for?

The vineyard is very active in the community.  They participate in many of the business councils for the county, and Moussa is involved with scouting.  They also host an annual fund raiser for the Page County Animal Shelter, which always looks like a great event. 

Wisteria is also a charter Page County Grown member.  Check the labels below (Page County Grown and Wisteria) for some past posts; I think I have something from every season up now.  Since Wisteria is a neighbor, Mary and I stop by for a visit pretty often - it’s a mandatory stop whenever we have friends in for a visit, as the grounds are open for a stroll, so you can see a working farm as well as vineyard. 

Clearing the back 40.
The photos I am posting today are from a visit in January.  They were doing some clearing on the acreage beyond the vineyard proper (there is a trail through this area that leads back to Hawksbill Creek) and there was some pruning in the vineyard.

Some winter pruning.
Back to the news about the Wine Club now.  Sue and Moussa have designed two levels of membership, a traditional “Wine Club” and a “Friends of Wisteria” association. 

To be a member of the wine club, you agree to participate in a quarterly offering of three wines.  You also get free tastings, special discounts on your birthday, but also on the quarterly and wine maker’s selections, and others.  Two great benefits are the barrel tastings and appreciation party that is part of this club.

The “Friends” category is a little different.  In exchange with volunteering around the farm – helping with the harvest, bottling, and volunteer work at festivals, you get free tastings and discounts. 

The flock of Romney sheep is fun to watch.
No relation to the presidential candidate,
as far as I know.
The real value that is not to be underestimated for either category of membership is the camaraderie and the fun!  I’ve included a link below to Wisteria’s home page.  Be sure to scroll down for a look at all the events this year – plenty to join in on!

The home page is:   http://wisteriavineyard.com/ and they are also up on Facebook.

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