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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mighty Fine Eggs

The mighty fine eggs.
Beautiful yellow color (complements scrapple)!
You may have noticed the beautiful yellow color of the eggs that we paired up with the scrapple in this morning's post.  I'm repeating that photo again, by the way, to the right.

These came from the new laying flock over at Public House Produce - and these ladies are high achievers.  In fact, there was a stockpile of eggs, and the two dozen that Chris and I took barely made a dent in it.

Then David showed us this prize dozen that he had collected - no insight as to whether these are coming from the same chicken, or a couple, or if they are the same breed, or same clutch, or if they found some secret stash of bugs...these eggs, they're just really something.

Know your farmer!
They are mighty fine eggs.

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