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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Protest

Well, the puppy, Tessie is doing well (there is a photo of her from this weekend below).  Next month we’ll pass the one year anniversary of her adoption.  We figure she’s about three, as the rescue organization wasn’t sure, and told us that she was between two and four years old.

A few months ago, I went to the vet with her for some booster shots.  She’d put on about three pounds since we got her, and the vet was a little worried about the weight gain.  We left with some dietary recommendations, and a few days later they even called me back with some suggestions about serving sizes for that Taste of the Wild dog food she loves so well.

Along with that were suggestions like, “add some hot water to it for gravy, it will make her feel fuller,” and, “get some canned green beans to mix in, dogs like them.”  I dutifully recorded all of this info to memory.

Last week, it had been a few weeks since I’d been to a Tractor Supply, and we finally ran out of canned food.  Luckily, there was only a one day gap to this oversight.  So in order to stretch the dry food by making it interesting for just one meal, I microwaved two carrots (she’ll eat them if she sees us eating them) in a cup of hot water and added that to the normal dry food ration.

Well, the hot water went over well, as you can see from the sparkling clean bowl.

The carrots? Not so much.

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