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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pig Preparatory Period

The new butcherin' knives - the name
'Dexter' is purely coincidental.
Yesterday I had a message from David:
"We are getting close, are you getting excited about the 'big butchering' -  and by big I mean some big freaking hogs."

He told me that the folks stopping by Public House Produce to take a look at the pigs are guessing that they are now approaching 400 pounds, and even the smallest one is, well, not so small anymore.

Meanwhile, Chris and I continue our acquisition spree in preparation.  Yesterday, my knives arrived, shown here in the photo.  Chris went on-line to find a big cooler, and was successful at Sam's Club, where he found a 150 qt. cooler. I imagine it will be like this one I found on Amazon, and I am thinking of buying it...

Now, Chris made some calls to his in-laws in Chicago, who happen to work in the meat business.  What he found out from them was helpful, even though Uncle Brian says that the pigs he sees going to market are [only] 280-290 pounds. To which I responded, "Is he dealing in piglets?  Don't they have any master farmers raising pigs out there in the midwest, like we do in the Shenandoah Valley?"
Uncle Brian then tolled off some estimates of what we can expect here: "The head will weigh fifty pounds, each ham and loin about 26 pounds, and the shoulders will be about the same."
He also recommeded that we have the hams smoked along with the bacon.  So I'll need to get back with David to see about coordinating this.
Uncle Brian's closing words?
"Yeah, you're going to have a lot of product."
At this point, I think that is an understatement.  These are big freaking hogs.

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