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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

News from Glen Highland Farm Border Collie Rescue

I had news from Lillie at Glen Highland Farm that this is setting up to be a busy winter for border collie rescue - she has a record number at the farm and temporarily placed with fosters.  That includes the seven week old female front and center here, "Hayle," pictured with some litter mates that have already been placed.

Puppies are often placed more easily than adult dogs, but if you are in the market for this breed, I encourage you to look at Glen Highland Farm (link:  http://glenhighlandfarm.com/) or one in your area.  There are plenty of dogs looking for a forever home.

I have to admit I was so smitten with the two pictures that Lillie sent me I changed my blogging schedule so I could post them.  Just remember, these dogs are very cute puppies, but even at this age, in groups of three, they're smart enough to rob a bank!

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